How Do I Enroll in My First ONLINE Webcam Class?

We make it very simple for you to enroll in your first webcam group class.  Please follow these steps.


1. Click here to log into your Trainerly account. 



2. On the top menu bar, click "Online" tab and choose "Classes" option




3.  Type in what type of class you are looking for (i.e, Tai Chi) and click "Search" button




4. Choose your class and click "Book It" button




5,  Choose the class or classes you want to Enroll in by checking off all the corresponding check boxes and clicking "Enroll" button




6. Input your credit card payment information and click "Confirm Payment" button.  If the class is FREE, then simply click "Confirm Payment" button without inputting any information.  If you have Dollar or Session credits or wish to you a Promo Code provided to you by the instructor, please check off the appropriate check at the bottom of the form and click "Confirm Payment" button.



7.  On the session confirmation screen, you will see the group class details including Instructor Name, Session Date, Length, etc.




8.  You will also receive an email with all the information listed above plus a link to begin your session.   On the date and time of your session start time, you can either join the session using the email (you will also receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to session start time; that email will also contain a link to begin your session) or you can start the session from your Trainerly account by clicking "Dashboard" tab and then clicking the session located under "Upcoming Sessions" section:


NOTE: We highly suggest and recommend you set up your Webcam and Audio prior to joining the session.  Click here to set up your webcam, mic, and speakers



9,  Click "Join Session" to access the session on the scheduled date and time





Click here on helpful article on how to join the session using our video chat interface!

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