How do I input my Time Availability for 1-on-1 ONLINE Class?



To enter the times you want to make yourself available for clients to book workouts with you please complete the following steps:

  • Click “Availability” option located in your Top Menu Bar and select “1 on 1 Sessions Availability





  • LEFT click ONCE on the Date and Time that you are available and drag the bottom of the green box down until you are no longer available. Clients can book a workout with you at any point during this time frame.





  • To create repeating times on your calendar, LEFT click on the Green block of time that you have just created and you will see a pop up with a link in the corner that says "Make Recurring".  You can also use this pop up to Change / Edit / Delete your entry.


  • You can Edit or Change the available times listed on your calendar as often as you like—however, you cannot reschedule or alter any of the times that clients have already booked.

  • It’s best to fill out your calendar for 1-2 months. This will give clients more opportunities to book with you because they also have their own time constraints.

  • If you wish to set break time between each session, please click “Settings” in your Top Menu Bar and select “Booking Preference” option.


You may also find this article helpful: How to Edit your time availability in the Trainerly Calendar for ONLINE 1:1 Class.

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