How do I Create a Group ONLINE Class?

We make it very easy and convenient for you to set up a Group class session. Please watch this tutorial for step-by-step instructions:


Log in to your Trainerly Studio account


Click on "Scheduling"  tab located in your Top Menu bar and select "Group Class" option




Click green "Create Class" button to set up your Group Class. 




Complete all Fields (including adding a "Class Intro Video" and Click "Save Class"




After you finish creating your Group Class, please click on "Settings" tab located in your Top Menu bar and select "Set My Pricing" option




Scroll all the way to the bottom and click "+ Add New" link located in the bottom right corner of your screen




Select "Group Class" option from the pull down menu and set your prices for 30 and 60 minute group workout sessions. Make prices attractive to clients since you will have multiple class participants. PLEASE INPUT PRICE PER CLIENT!


Click "Save" button

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