How do I Retain Clients that Already Signed Up for My Online and/or In-Studio Classes

Understand Your Clients Goals: Whenever a new client signs up, reach out. Ask them about their goals and figure out how you can achieve them together before class. This will make your time in the classroom more valuable and allow you craft packages that fit their needs.

Keep Each Client Motivated: Every class is an opportunity to keep the relationship going. End your classes early to focus on feedback and next steps. Personally invite each client to your next class.

Focus on Retention: Create a personalized plan for your clients after class and send them assignments, tips, and updates during the week that will help them achieve their goals.  

Inspire Community: Post pictures from class. Share your client's success stories and testimonials through out your network. Encourage clients to invite their friends to earn free classes. Post it to Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook and show the rest of your friends and fans just how much fun you've been having. Clients are motivated by each other just as much as they are motivated by you. 

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