How can I Market Trainerly ONLINE Classes to New Clients

  1. Plan in Advance:  Set up your 1-on-1 or Group Class availability for at least 2-3 weeks ahead.  This allows plenty of time for your classes to fill up and makes it easier for the Trainerly to feature you throughout the site as well as Facebook.
  2. Messaging Frequency: Each class or week of classes should have its own promotional cycle. You should announce classes when they are created, a week before, and right before if there are any remaining seats. Stick to a schedule and always keep your content/promotions balanced as to not spam your audience.
  3. Promote & Keeping it Simple.  Share the facts and emphasize the “what’s in it for me” for your clients. Clearly articulate the class goals, dates/times, and create demand by including the limited # of spots left. 
  4. Know Your Audience: Understand what drives someone to take a class with you.  Be able to articulate the benefits of live instruction but also consider what else the client may be looking for or could potentially get out of the experience.  
  5. Amplifying Your Message. Ask your friends and family to try your first class! There's nothing like a few great testimonials and ratings to jump-start your Trainerly studio.  If someone you know has a blog, site or great social media presence, ask them to politely to help spread the word about your new offering. If you have your own blog, please use it to notify your audience / readership that you are currently offering "Live Webcam Classes" through Trainerly.
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