How to Promote My ONLINE Classes on YouTube

Add a Channel Link:

    • What is it? A clickable text link
    • Where will it appear?  On the right rail of your YouTube Channel Page
    • How do I do it?
      • Log into YouTube.
      • Click on your name/icon on the top right corner and select “My Channel”.
      • Under “Search Channel” on the right side of your page, click “Edit”.  
      • Scroll down and “Add a new link”.  
      • Include a Title like “My Live Trainerly Classes” and link directly to your page.
      • Click “Add”
      • You can change the order of links and once complete, scroll back up to the top of the page and click “Apply”

Add Video “Description” Links:

    • What is it? Clickable text links across all of your most popular and new YouTube videos
    • Where will it appear? This clickable link will appear right below each YouTube video in the “Description” area.  It should be added to your most popular past YouTube videos that are continue to attract new viewers each month.  The links should also be added to all NEW videos.  
    • How do I do it?
      • Log into Youtube.
      • Click on your name/icon on the top right corner and select “Video Manager”.
      • Click the “Edit” button for each video you want to edit (“Option click” if you are going to do multiple videos in one sitting.)
      • Scroll down to the Description Field and add your Trainerly link as the TOP of the text box.
      • Anything below the first 3 lines of text will be require a user to expand the description. Your URL MUST include http:// in order to be clickable.  
      • Click “Save Changes” You return to Video Manager at the top of the page

Post to “Feed”:

    • What is it? Your YouTube feed allows you to share posts with subscribers and channel visitors. We recommend posting weekly updates subscribers of your upcoming schedule.
    • Where will it appear? Your post will appear on your subscribers’ recent activity feed as soon as they log-in to YouTube. It will also appear on your channel page in your recent activity feed.  If you are set up with AutoShare, your bulletin can be shared with your connected social media accounts.
    • How do I do it?
      • Log into YouTube
      • Click on your name/icon on the top right corner and select “My Channel”.
      • On the very top of the page under the YouTube Search bar, select “POST.”
      • You can also include a link to any of your existing YouTube videos.
      • We’d recommend linking to your Trainerly Intro video or Mock Workout Session

Make a Promotional Video and Tag Your Endings:

    • What is it? Film and post a simple 1-2 minute introduction video to share with your subscribers that you’re going to be teaching on Trainerly!  You should also start mentioning your Trainerly classes at the end of each video as a reminder to students to sign up.
    • Where will it appear? On your YouTube page, channel, and subscriber feeds.
    • How do I do it? Be yourself!  Some of your most passionate followers will obviously want to make sure that you’re still going to be answering their comments and making videos for YouTube now that you’re teaching live paid classes. You should reassure them that nothing is changing, but that there’s now a great new opportunity and outlet for them to get direct access to you. Don't forget to "Post to Feed" once it's live
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