How does Trainerly Market my Classes?

Social Media: Trainerly is a fully integrated and enabled social media website.  Each time you a client signs up for one of your classes we post it on his / her Facebook wall.  As a result, all of your client’s friends are immediately notified that he / she will be participating in your class on Trainerly.  Furthermore, if your client’s Facebook account is connected to Twitter, then all scheduled classes are tweeted to all your client’s Twitter followers. Finally, all your clients are highly encouraged to invite their friends to their classes through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 


Email: Every Monday morning we send our clients a list of your new Trainerly classes.  Clients can join the class directly from the email.  The more classes you post the more clients you will have participating in your classes!


Search Engine Optimization:  Our website is fully SEO optimized for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.   Our high SEO ranking allows clients to easily find our site using these engines when they type in relevant search key words such as “online personal trainer”, “virtual trainer”, “live trainer”, etc.  As a result, thousands of potential clients visit our site each month to browse our listings to find great classes from trainers and coaches like you! The more classes you feature means the more opportunities to be found.

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