How Do I Make MINDBODY Classes Available ONLINE for Live Streaming?

We made it extremely easy and convenient for you to offer your MINDBODY classes ONLINE.

Simply click "Classes" tab on your MINDBODY + Trainerly Dashboard and choose option "Group - In-Studio or Online".  Use the ON/OFF toggle switch to make your classes available ONLINE.  Once you make the class available ONLINE, use our "Edit" class function to complete class setup.

Please note that you can only set your class available ONLINE or IN-STUDIO; you CANNOT make them available for both options.

You can also create your own ONLINE class by choosing "Webinar - Online Only" option under the "Classes" menu.  This will allow you to create your own ONLINE class available for live streaming via webcam.  This class will not appear nor connected to your MINDBODY online software.


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