Why Can't the Other Person Hear Me? Is There an Issue with my Microphone?

There could be several factors contributing to why the person on the other side of the video monitor cannot hear you:

  • Make sure your microphone and speakers are working correctly. Run a Microphone / Speaker test during the session:
    • Click the Audio menu in the bottom left of the screen






    •  Click "Test Mic & Speaker" link as illustrated below





    • Click "Test Mic" button. Speak loudly and clearly and watch the indicator below in the Microphone area - color in the indicator confirms that your microphone is working and that participants can hear you - no  cursor movement and no color means your microphone is not on, muted, or not working.



  • If the blue color indicator does not light up, then:
    • Check that your microphone is connected and turned on. 
    • Some microphones have buttons to mute / un-mute. If you are using a headset it may have a mute switch either on the side of the headset or on the cable that connects to your computer.


  • If the person on the other side of the video monitor still cannot hear you, there may be an issue with his / her microphone and/or speakers. Ask them to do the same Microphone / Speaker Test as you just did.
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