How do I Reduce Echo?

If Instructor or one of the students in the session hears an echo during class, follow these simple steps to determine the source.


Is it Instructor or a Student?

  • If Instructor hears their own voice as an echo, then the problem is coming from one of your students in the session.


How to Figure out Which Client is Causing the Problem

  • Fitness Master should ask each student to take turns muting themselves while you continue to talk.  Once the echo goes away, the last person who muted themselves is the person causing the problem.


How to Fix the Problem

Instructor should ask the student who is causing the problem to do one of the following:

  • Wear headphones
  • Remain on mute and use the chat feature or unmute themselves only to ask questions.
  • If the client is using an external webcam, move the webcam far away from the computer's speakers.
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