Music Recommendations and Setup


Please follow these simple steps for your music setup:

  • Place the speakers at the front of the classroom, pointing towards your students.  
  • Do not place the mic and speakers near each other.  
  • Do not use iTunes or music playing software on the same computer you are recording on if you have a laptop or older computer with limited CPU and memory.  

Please know that we recommend using either royalty free music or music that you have already secured the rights to utilize for your studio. Trainerly does not monitor or report on the music you utilize during your classes. If you have specific questions regarding the extent of the licence that you have purchased, we recommend consulting the rights holder.


CLICK HERE for a list of most popular Music Mixers sold on Amazon. 

Here are a few wireless headsets that we have personally tested in our Trainerly office and can recommend (listed from least to most expensive).

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