How do I Create / Edit / Manage my Global Promotional Discount Code(s)?

Trainerly makes it very simple for you to create a promotional discount code to attract more clients to your classes, webinars, and/or videos.  GLOBAL Promo Code applies to ALL your Classes, Videos, Webinars, and/or Packages and students will be able to use this code to get a discount on the entire set of your offerings. Here is how to create it:


1. Once you log into your Trainerly Fitness Master Account, click on "Settings" and choose "Manage Coupons"




2. Click  Green "Create New Code" button




3. Create your Promo Code. Keep in mind you have the option to apply the discount code to all your fitness activities (i.e., workouts, webinars, and videos) or only to some.  You can also discount your fitness activities in terms of percentage or dollar amount. Click "Save Changes" button when you are finished creating your code.




4. You can then manage your code by clicking the link under "Promo Code" heading or delete the code by clicking the "X" icon on the far right.




Click Here to see how to create a SPECIFIC Promo Code for a SUB-SET of your Classes, Videos, Webinars, and/or Packages. 

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