Why Teach My ONLINE Classes via Trainerly?

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Here are just some of the key Trainerly benefits, features and services:


Trainerly Live Studio

  • Interact live with your clients in real time via webcam.
  • Clients can see and hear each other, just like in a real classroom.
  • Teach Private 1-on-1 and/or large group classes.
  • Host Single-Day or Multi-Day live workshops and seminars
  • Sell / Rent pre-recorded video content
  • Switch between multiple cameras for different angles.
  • In classroom text chat.



Instructor / Studio Page

  • Instantly create a professional webpage for your brand to market your classes, videos, and workshops
  • Upload high resolution photo and feature your Class Schedule and Bio.
  • Highlight Clients testimonials and class ratings.
  • Accept all major Credit Cards



Trainerly Studio Tools

  • Analyze your sales, repeat clients, and track your earnings with detailed reports and end of month statements.
  • Easily create class times and repeating schedules.
  • Create class packages and offer discounts on multiple classes.
  • Reschedule, and have all your Clients notified automatically.



Marketing Tools

  • Easily share your classes to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Create custom coupon codes and discounts.
  • Email your clients and respond to time requests directly from within your Trainerly Studio
  • We help you promote your classes on Social Media, GroupOn, Google / Yahoo, and a host of other media channels



Customer Support

  • Email based support for you and your clients before and after class.
  • Live, in-class-room support for you and your clients.
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