Do you have a Sample Email Invite my Current Clients to check out my Trainerly ONLINE Classes?

Yes we do!  Here is a sample email you can send to all your current clients to invite them to join your online Trainerly fitness studio:


Hi "Client Name"!

I'm writing as you've been one of my biggest supporters and I’m so excited to be sharing some big news with you!  I just launched my new online fitness studio on Trainerly where you can train with me live online.  It's so convenient and easy. You don't have to worry about driving, parking, weather, childcare, or memberships - all you need is WiFi, computer, webcam and speakers and you can join my classes from anywhere. All of my classes are live and interactive- meaning I can see you, I can hear you, and I can give you feedback in real time. Plus you can check out all of the other students in the classroom and invite your friends, which makes it even more fun. This has been a project that I have been working on for some time and would love for you to celebrate the launch with me.  Please visit my studio [Your Trainerly Profile Page URL] and sign up for a class!  

Looking forward to seeing you in my new Trainerly studio! 


Your Name

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