How Can I Market and Promote my Trainerly ONLINE Classes on my own Website, Blog, or Facebook page?

We know how much you value your brand and how hard you work to earn your reputation. Trainerly is here to help you promote your brand and help you built on the reputation that you have worked so hard to develop in your own geographical region. 

As a result, you can create a "
Class Schedule Widget" allowing you to Market and Promote Trainerly Classes directly to clients from your Website, Blog or Facebook Page using your own brand!

Manage all your group classes in one place. All you have to do is set up your 1:1 and/or group class schedule on Trainerly and we will automatically publish the classes to your site. We can even provide you with a web developer FREE of charge to help you with the installation of the Class Widget on your site.


How to Install Class Widget:


1. Click here to Log Into your Trainerly Studio account

2. Click on "Settings" tab located in your Top Menu bar and select "Install Widgets" option



3. Follow on screen instructions to set up your class widget


4. Preview your Widget:

5. Copy the created HTML / Javascript snippet to your Website, Blog, or Facebook Page for your clients to scheduled classes directly from your site.


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