Trainerly Essentials for an Effective ONLINE Session

1) Prepare Your Studio Space

Make sure there is no clutter! Having clutter in the back of your Trainerly workout is distracting and looks unprofessional. Having a messy area suggests to clients that you don’t care enough about your workout with them to clean it.

If your family room or office is always messy, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, have a plan for when a client books a workout with you.

Have enough light shining on your so can be seen clearly during the session.


2) Choose the Right Stand for Your Laptop / Computer

Find a really sturdy surface, roughly 2-4 feet high from the ground, to place your laptop or computer.

If you are using a laptop, please make sure your video monitor is placed at 90 degree angle relative to the keyboard.  

If you are using an external webcam, please make sure it's pointing directly at you.

Run a test to see if your entire body is visible in the video frame. You should see yourself from head to toe by:

  • Standing still about 5-6 feet away from the camera
  • Taking a big step to your left and a big step to your right
  • Raising your arms all the way up over your head
  • Spreading your arms all the way out to the sides
  • Doing full jumping jacks
  • Making a fake snow angel while laying on the ground

Note: If you cannot fully see yourself in the video frame while performing these test exercises, then you may need to adjust the top of your computer monitor or laptop. You can also adjust the height of your laptop by stacking it on some books or push it farther away from you.

Strongly Recommended: For a much more rewarding, enjoyable, and productive Trainerly experience we highly encourage you to connect your Laptop / Computer to a TV! Click here for TV connection instructions.


3) Have the right attitude

You MUST BE: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Motivated, Outgoing and Passionate about improving your client's lives through INTERACTIVE fitness training and exercise!

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