How can I Create Trainerly Intro Video?

To create an Intro Video for your Trainerly profile page, you will first need to record the video and then upload the Video to YouTube.  

Click here to record your Trainerly Intro Video. Please try to limit the video to about 45 seconds. If you need help on how to use our free video recording site, click here for helpful article.

Once you have recorded and uploaded the video to your computer, follow these steps to convert the video to YouTube and upload the link to our site:


1. Go to Note: You will need to have a Google / Gmail account to upload files to YouTube as Google owns and operates YouTube site. Click here to register for Google account. 


2. Click "Upload" button on top right hand corner



3. Click "Select files to Upload" link and upload your MP4 video file to YouTube.



4. Once the video is "Finished Processing", click "Publish" button to convert your video to YouTube format




5. Click on the "Video Thumbnail" image to preview your Video




6. Right click on the Video to "Copy video URL"



7. Paste YouTube Video URL in your Trainerly Profile page and Click "Save" button at the bottom of the page




8. To preview how the Intro Video will look on your Trainerly profile page, go back to your Dashboard and click "View My Trainerly Studio" button





9. Click on "Instructor" tab and then click "Intro Video" button


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